Module 8 – Creating a Building IAQ Profile

An indoor air quality (IAQ) profile describes the features of a building’s structure, function and occupancy that can affect its air quality. This eighth module of the CCIAQB’s Guide for Indoor Air Quality describes the preparation and benefits of IAQ profiles.

1-8First, steps are given for getting ready to create the profile. These include considering sources of IAQ problems generally, and the features of the building and its design that can affect IAQ. Needed skills are explored for those who will be involved in preparation of the IAQ profile, as well as advice on the advisability of hiring external professionals to help.
A detailed process is presented for the actual creation of the profile itself. The three major steps involved are covered at length: (1) collecting and reviewing existing records; (2) inspecting the building, inside and outside; (3) documenting IAQ factors such as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, pollutant pathways and sources, and the building’s occupancy. Details are given for all the tasks involved, using diagrams and lists, with many tips and examples added to help clarify the proceedings.

The final section offers advice on dealing with any IAQ problems encountered during the procedure. The module includes a wealth of sample forms and checklists to aid in preparing and analyzing building IAQ profiles.

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