Module 7 – Communicating With Tenants

Building operators need good communication about indoor air quality (IAQ) with tenant organizations and building occupants. The seventh module of the CCIAQB’s Guide for Indoor Air Quality provides guidelines for managers of facilities such as offices, retail operations, shopping centers, educational and child-care centers, theaters and hotels.
10-2The building blocks and benefits of good communication are given. Important considerations include knowledge of the building, who is responsible for what tasks, and providing suitable documentation. What the building operators should tell the tenants, and what the tenants should tell the operators are covered. Methods are described for effective communication in both directions, including ways to assess how successful communications are, and making improvements.

When IAQ problems occur, good communication about the situation is important for operators and tenants. The investigative process for IAQ problems introduced in module 4, Recognizing and Addressing IAQ Problems, is extended to include aspects of good two-way communication.

Suggestions are given for specific types of building situations, such as schools and offices. The module includes sample forms for IAQ roles and responsibilities, and problem tracking, as well as a checklist for an IAQ communications plan.

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