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The Guide for Indoor Air Quality was developed by the Canadian Committee on Indoor Air Quality and Buildings (CCIAQB). The guide is a series of written modules intended to help building designers, owners, operators and managers. It gives guidance on avoiding and correcting indoor air quality (IAQ) problems, and maintaining acceptable IAQ. The following modules of the Guide for Indoor Air Quality are available for downloading. Several more modules are in various stages of development and will be released as they are ready. The Committee values your opinion and wishes to be part of the discussion about IAQ. We encourage users to sign-up to join the conversation on our blog.

Please click the corresponding link to learn more about each module and download the PDF document.

Module 1 – Introduction to Indoor Air Quality: Introductory-level information about indoor air quality that will help users of the guide understand and apply the information presented in the more specific modules.

Module 2 – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Sampling Methods and StrategiesInformation about vola­tile organic compounds (VOCs) and when VOC sampling might be required. The information will help building operators and facility managers to be knowledgeable procurers of outside resources, where sampling is required.

Module 3 – Custodial Activities, Maintenance, Repair and Renovation:  Guidelines to help managers maintain buildings in a way that contributes to acceptable indoor air quality through good sanitation practices.

Module 4 – Recognizing and Addressing IAQ ProblemsProcedures to help building managers identify and correct indoor air quality pro­blems.

Module 5 – Hygienic Operation of Air-Handling SystemsInformation to help building operators and managers operate air-handling systems in order to maintain acceptable indoor air quality.

Module 6 – Scent-Free BuildingsModule provides building owners and managers with information about the sources and effects of scents and fragrances, and suggests ways to move toward scent-free buildings.

Module 7 – Communicating With Tenant Organizations and Individual OccupantsThe seventh module of the CCIAQB’s Guide for Indoor Air Quality provides guidelines for managers of facilities such as offices, retail operations, shopping centers, educational and child-care centers, theaters and hotels.

Module 8 – Creating a Building IAQ ProfileThis eighth module of the CCIAQB’s Guide for Indoor Air Quality describes the preparation and benefits of IAQ profiles.

Module 9 – Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency: Module nine of the  CCIAQB’s Guide for Indoor Air Quality offers recommendations for maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ) in buildings that use methods and systems to reduce energy use.

Module 10 – Management Strategies for Moulds and Microbiologic AgentsThe tenth module of the CCIAQB’s Guide for Indoor Air Quality provides building owners and managers with information on causes, effects and correction of indoor air quality (IAQ) issues from moulds and other common microbiological agents.

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