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Alberta Government Staff Comment on IAQ Guide

“The module on Scent-Free Buildings provided clear information to setup a scent free policy within a building”- Alberta Government- Infrastructure Department- Interior Designer.

“All modules contained clear and useful information to help us better operate our buildings”- Alberta Government- Infrastructure Department- Facilities Manager.

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McMaster University Implements Energy Action Plan

McMaster University has implemented a plan that will result in a 20% reduction in energy and water use by 2018 with associated cost savings to exceed $2.6M.  The aggressive strategy is looking at every opportunity to replace or upgrade older equipment, tap sources for co-generation and heat recovery and make greater use of renewable energies. Dr. Mohamed Attalla, Assistant Vice President of Facility Services at McMaster will be presenting the plan at the annual conference of CAUBO, June 15-18 in Hamilton, Ontario.

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IAQ Guide Helps Solve Problem

Just received this message from a friend at SNC Lavallin:
“One of my Building Technicians just reported to me that because of your site he was able solve a problem that we have had for a number of years. The velocity with one of our fans is too great which is why we have water being carried over into the ducts.”

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